Wow, what a Fall!  Now that the weather is cooling off and we are in the middle of Holiday season, it seems the year has gone by so quickly. Looking back, this year has been  a challenging one for sure.  Houston is still recovering from Harvey even for those not directly impacted by the hurricane.  Soon after returning to work following the storm, I found myself in a workshop where a lot of fellow professionals were engaging in the necessary ‘self care’ so needed at the time.  Even if we weren’t directly impacted, we all related on feelilngs of ‘surviror’s guilt’ and helping those who were more impacted.  As I go along in my professional life, I continue to value and appreciate how important ‘self-care’ is.  It’s easy to lose sight of this when we define ourselves as ‘the helper’ and the one people turn to for help.  In order to maintain in this role, we have to heal ourselves so that we don’t get fatigued along the way.

Play Therapy chapters like SHAPT provide a great way to join other like-minded professionals and bond with fellow travelers in play therapy.  This anniversary year is truly turning out to be an awesome one with great workshops and speakers.  If you haven’t checked out our events page please do so.  Hope to See you soon!                                                                                                                           


Marian Redsun, LCSW, RPT

Past President

News Letter